We sell solar lights are in Yoshida-Cho, haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture, armixdars and aluminum and stainless steel materials co., Ltd. alumix is. To satisfy and delight our customer-centric product development and suggestion is itself has increasingly.

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Barrier-free restroom renovation

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Recent quality during the transition to the innovation and the information society progresses rapidly, and asked to join the rigors and we poured power in the field of manufacturing, daily, combined research and development efforts, established system for design, manufacture, construction and a series of to be able to answer user needs committed vegetarian.

Started the development and sale of doors of Ministry of space sitting around social consideration to environmental issues, weak sizable to be started in our early to yu二 appreciation design work, the 0/2006 in a wheelchair easy access (armixdars).

Also, no Panel today, solar lights, yet smart, well-designed Hei Solar Ligt power-saving advance sales began.

We will continue to work to make satisfaction, pleasing to the customer-centric products motto become a concerted.
Thank phase as patronage continued and continued to ask, thank you. Through the Internet is today, to introduce alumix overview, examples, etc.

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