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Risk consulting Department

"Peace of mind" of the mission and to provide.

We 5/1/2017 will begin a non-life insurance agency business, along with established risk consulting Department as a department specializing in the.

Can suggest insurance of course suitable for you one person to provide the best service when our customers need us and we truly want to be a professional agency.

Always remember to, all employees in the insurance line stands firmly committed to the.

Ask for the future, look forward to further cooperation.

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Non-life insurance (car insurance, fire insurance and insurance and liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance and automobile liability insurance other)

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Non-life insurance k.k. Japan KOA


Our customer-first philosophy and the philosophy and the provide information appropriate to the needs of the times.

◆ We always become customers, idea, customers alone strive to offer the best insurance service I was hoping one of you.

♦ complies with laws, regulations and social rules, work with pride and confidence, Act.

◆ management as a corporate citizen, honest, reliable, broadly contributes to society.