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 Non-Panel solar lights

Hei Solar Light Asmat & Ministry of Ener
Has gained a reputation as a model for next-generation to renew the image of the traditional solar light, solar light HEI Technology International, Inc. is pursuing ecological and high design, by leveraging the advanced technology, was completed.
Ideal as a symbol to contribute to energy saving.

Company Profile [ HEI Technology International GmbH ]
-Is the development of high-efficiency solar street lights using LED lights, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, manufacturing and sales company.
-Hei solar light production began in 2007, has been proven.
-Specializing in technology to win the maximum energy efficiency, has sold world wide.

Mission Statement
-Vision: environmental protection(Eco-friendly)The economical and continuous energy supply
-Contribution to society: a proposal for the introduction of renewable energy and energy efficiency
-Approach: technological innovation and product development is the development of a new field of realization of low-cost energy and renewable energy

Shizuoka, Yoshida-Cho Park(North OASIS Park)Fujimi Highway evacuation guide lights

Hei Solar Light -3 technology

Hei Solar Light R solar technology features.

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Coastal areas are concerned about the tsunami because it can withstand heavy seas and benefit from

(* Picture is example of installation in Australia Sydney)

2007Since this solar light with 9 years of sales experience and next-generation energy saving as a smart style lighting, 38 countries around the world: approximately 4400 offices are located.