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 Globally unparalleled access door

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-Standard specifications
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♦ warranty
About our catalogue products will be for two years after completing construction.
♦ warranty
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As problems arise, charge repair or replacement will be.
♦ Disclaimer
1.Case had been commercialized technology and knowledge to anticipate possible problems
2.Hang-on how to use the standard outside hit, fault
3.If the indoor temperature and humidity, usually beyond the range of performance products
4.Due to the construction of architectural structure factors such as glitches
5.Other event independent of our products to you

 Construction examples

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Kibo's wing-like doors open / closed

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Love Hua village-like doors open / closed

Cedar child-like doors open / closed

西山の杜 様 ドア施工 / ビフォー・アフター